Your ideal source for accurate, indignenous-based information and guidance.


Our consulting services focus on connecting educators and P-20 school children with engaging learning expriences designed to broaden their knowledge and understanding of indigenous perspectives.


​We do this in the following ways:

  • Professional development workshops

  • Guided immersion experiences

  • Interdisciplinary, standards-based curriculum design

  • Program and resource evaluation

  • Plains Indian dance and song performance

  • Classroom lessons




Native Nexus offers one source for a broad range of public/private lectures and engaging performances on topics including:

  •  The role of oral tradition in indigenous societies

  •  Collaborating with tribes in research, archaeology, and education

  • The history of North American settlement

  • The influence of gold on the settlement of the west

  • Indigenous perspectives on science, religion, and philosophy

  • Tribal soveriegnty

  • Plains Indian traditions and ceremonies

  • Plains Indian traditional and contemporary music

  • Effective Indian Education

  • Contemporary issues in Indian Country

  • Repatriation of indigenous remains - social and legal aspects

Our musical performances specialize in ancient and contemporary Plains Indian Music featuring hand drums and drum groups.



Native Nexus offers a strong track record of guidance for researchers and grant-funded programs seeking to integrate an indigenous perspective. One of our strengths is connecting leaders and researchers to experts within tribal communities.

If your goal is to work with indigenous communities in respectful and productive ways, we have the connections and experience to help you locate the people and resources you need.



While we are very much about providing excellent business services, we also know it's important to have a little fun too. Next time you plan an event, let us bring something new to your table. Sit back and enjoy soulful melodies, rousing round dances, and excellent, clean food rooted in this beautiful landscape we call home. If you find yourself moved and changed by the experience, support the people of our tribes and remember these moments by selecting Native-made products you can wear and display with pride.

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“The thing that makes Shane such an amazing speaker is that he makes you see the really human part of things and he has so much passion for the subject. Every time I leave here I'm wishing for more.  I'm so glad they keep bringing him back!”

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